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ReThink Disposable in Pennsylvania

Clean Water Action’s award-winning ReThink Disposable program is expanding to Pennsylvania! ReThink Disposable works with local jurisdictions, businesses, and consumers of take-out food packaging (almost everyone these days) to inspire a cultural shift away from the single-use disposable items.

Reducing Waste in Pennsylvania Communities

Plastic pollution affects everyone by reducing our quality of life, blighting our neighborhoods, and contributing to water pollution and the degradation of our planet. Clean Water Action is working to reduce single use plastic bags as a first step toward addressing broader plastic litter and illegal dumping issues.

Protecting Pennsylvania from Oil and Gas Development

Fracking operations have already contaminated drinking water; dumped wastewater on roads and in to waterways; and crisscrossed Pennsylvania with pipelines. Clean Water Action is working to protect sensitive areas like parks and forests, prevent roll back of safeguards and transition Pennsylvania to a renewable energy future.

Protecting Pennsylvania's Air

The Environmental Rights Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution says "the people have a right to clean air". Clean Water Action is working to hold industrial polluters accountable for their toxic emissions and violations as well as reduce potent greenhouse gases like methane, that exacerbate climate change.