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AMHERST, MA - The popular local chain of Mexican restaurants, La Veracruzana, announced today that they have partnered with Clean Water Action to eliminate disposable plastic from their dining rooms. The switch to reusable food ware comes as part of Clean Water Action’s award-winning ReThink Disposable program - an effort to reduce plastic waste and fight plastic pollution in coastal waters.

“We are so excited that La Veracruzana is making the switch from plastic to reusables. They will not only protect our Massachusetts waters from microplastics - they will save money and elevate their customers’ dining experience,” said Amber Schmidt, Clean Water Action’s New England Zero Waste Specialist.

ReThink Disposable is a nationwide program of Clean Water Action that helps restaurants move away from single-use disposable food ware in order to reduce the amount of trash headed to landfills and incinerators as well as protect waterways from plastic pollution. La Veracruzana’s owners were excited about the opportunity to replace plastic salsa serving cups with durable reusables.

"La Veracruzana is very excited to enhance our salsa bar experience with our new reusable salsa cups. Not only will these cups help lower our business cost, it will also help us reduce plastic pollution," said Sunia Hood, owner.

Patrons can now enjoy salsa, and all of La Veracruzana’s tasty menu options, in reusable food ware at all three of their locations.


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