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In March 2021, Clean Water Action held a Safe Cleaning and Disinfecting in the Age of Covid Workshop. This virtual workshop includes information on keeping your homes and workplaces safe--without the overuse of dangerous disinfection chemicals. 

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Note: At the end of the presentation, Liz Harriman, a scientist at Toxics Use Reduction Institute, mentioned the Force of Nature cleaner/disinfectant as a product that might be useful for people who must frequently clean and disinfect. We didn't explain this during presentation so we wanted to add some more information here:

Force of Nature is a company that sells a small appliance that  uses electricity to create hypochlorous acid. This can be used to clean or disinfect with no toxic chemicals. It is a small investment up front ($56) but and an additional $1 for capsules that you purchase to create the hypochlorous acid. You must buy online and use each 12 oz bottle within 2 weeks before making another. It disinfects and its performance has been tested and approved by third party cleaning laboratories, including the lab at Toxics Use Reduction Institute.  For more information or to purchase, please go to: 

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