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Our Waterbury Home Energy Action campaign is in full swing in Connecticut and we’re thrilled to have a new Energy Justice Outreach Organizer, Sharod Blizzard, on the team!  Sharod is a lifelong Waterbury resident with a passion to give back to the community by helping residents take advantage of energy efficiency services.

Making homes and buildings more efficient is a critical step in mitigating climate change.  In Connecticut, emissions from energy use and heating and cooling residential buildings contributes 18% of greenhouse gas emissions.  Making buildings more energy efficient by sealing up leaks, assuring proper insulation, shifting to energy efficient sources for heating and cooling and using energy efficient appliances can make a big difference in energy consumption and the amount of emissions in our atmosphere.  

Making homes more efficient also saves residents money on energy bills and makes the home more comfortable. This is a priority particularly for residents living in older housing that may be drafty and poorly insulated.  Residents in low-income communities and environmental justice communities often pay much more for energy bills as often homes are poorly insulated.  

Clean Water Action’s work on energy efficiency is critically important to reduce emissions, help Connecticut meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals and and make a difference in people’s lives.  We’re looking forward to meeting more Waterbury residents and helping them sign up for these very low or no-cost services. Learn more.