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CT Home Energy Campaign

Clean Water Action is helping Waterbury residents access Connecticut programs to save energy in their homes. Residents who qualify can enjoy energy efficiency upgrades to make their homes more comfortable, save money, and fight pollution, often at no cost to them. The first step is signing up for a no-cost home energy assessment.  

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At the no-cost home energy assessment, a certified contractor from our partners at New England Smart Energy will test leaky areas from the attic to the basement and seal those up on the spot.  They will also provide water efficient faucets and go over any additional ways to make your home energy efficient and any rebates you may qualify for.   

  • What are the benefits of making my home more energy efficient?

    When your home uses less energy to complete the same tasks, you save money on your energy bill. Energy efficiency improvements can also make your home more comfortable by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, when we all use less energy, we can reduce emissions that pollute our air and contribute to Waterbury’s high asthma rates and other serious health impacts.  

  • Why is Clean Water Action working on this campaign?

    Clean Water Action knows that to fight climate change and air pollution, we need to both increase the amount of clean, renewable energy being generated while also reducing the total amount of energy our state uses. Energy efficiency programs help us reduce the need for old, polluting power plants to stay online. Everyone in our community benefits when we reduce the amount of pollution from burning fossil fuels!

    Clean Water Action also wants to make sure that neighborhoods where families have already been exposed to some of the worst air pollution and environmental injustices are at the front of the line for free services to seal up homes. Residents in wealthier communities are already accessing energy efficiency upgrades at a higher rate than low- and middle-income neighborhoods. We aim to bridge that gap.

  • Why are Connecticut energy companies offering no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency improvements to residents? 

    So why are the utility companies funding energy efficiency improvements? Because they are required by law to reduce the amount of pollution they generate from fossil fuel power plants as part of Connecticut’s goals to fight climate change. They can meet their legal responsibilities by building more clean energy AND by reducing the total amount of energy Connecticut needs to generate. That’s why they are offering financial support to families who want to make their homes more energy efficient!

Ready to make your home more comfortable, save money on your utility bills, improve health in your community and help the planet? The first step is signing up for a no-cost home energy assessment. There are no obligations.

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Have more questions? No problem. Email our Energy Justice Organizer, and your neighbor, Sharod Blizzard at 

Thank you to our partners funding and supporting this effort


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