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Black History month is coming to a close, but our celebration continues. February is a time to reflect on important advancements and milestones in history and honor those who sacrificed and impacted the Black movement for justice and equality. And while we must look back to see the tremendous progress we have made; it is also important to uplift and celebrate Black leaders of today – Clean Water leaders.

Today, we honor Lord Takim Allah, a Clean Water Phone Canvasser in Oakland, California.

Clean Water Black History Champion - Lord Takim Allah

“Lord has been working with Clean Water Action since August 8, 2018, and he has worked extremely hard, day in and day out, to inform the public on environmental issues while moving communities to take action in holding politicians and corporations accountable. Since the day he began working at Clean Water Action he has been consistent in his work and his energy as he takes on these important conversations with our members, one on one.

Takim is a community organizer and comes from a long line of activists - he cares about our environment, justice and equity for black and brown people across the globe and accountability for those who jeopardize that. We are so thankful for Takim's presence, his input and perspective. Black History is every day, and we are forever indebted. Thank you for everything Takim!” Shanna Serrano Regional Phone Canvasser, Oakland California

Congratulations Lord Takim Allah! You are a Black History Clean Water Champion.

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