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We are excited to recognize and uplift Black Water Champions internally and externally throughout Black History month at Clean Water Action. During this time of reflection on important advancements and milestones in history, we honor those who sacrificed and impacted the Black movement for justice and equality, as well as Black leaders of today.

Erga Pierrette - Black History Champion

Join us in honoring Erga Pierrette, a licensed clinical social worker and community organizer who is passionate about centering humanity, racial equity, and undoing racism in Malden, MA.

“During the day, I am a school adjustment counselor working in a public middle school in Revere and during the evening I am a community organizer. As a result of my passions, I wear many hats and am connected with numerous committees and community groups! As a community organizer dedicated to disrupting racism and bringing people together, I am grateful for connecting with Clean Water Action which helped my city secure funds to remove lead pipes in our EJ communities. To date, I am closely involved with the Friends of Roosevelt Par. We are fighting environmental racism in Malden, MA. Pflease lock arms with us to change this harmful narrative. I believe that “it takes one person to make a difference and a group of people to bring forth change!” - Erga Pierrette

Erga was nominated by Maureo Fernandez y Mora, Co-Director of Clean Water’s Massachusetts office. They wrote “I met Erga when she was a member of a local grassroots group fighting for racial equity in Malden. After talking to her about the issue of lead in drinking water, she jumped right into action and worked with me to solidify a partnership between Clean Water Fund and the NAACP Mystic Valley Area Branch. She then went on to launch a new NAACP Environmental Justice committee! She's been a strong advocate for getting the lead out of Malden drinking water, advocating for total language access during important public processes related to the environment and public health, and has recently been helping to lead NAACP Mystic Valley Area's Branch to partner with a local group, Friends of Roosevelt Park, in the fight against the installation of artificial turf that would take away the only remaining plot of grass in one of the poorest and most diverse areas of the City. Erga is passionate about racial equity as a part of environmental health and justice and is a strong and effective local organizer.”

Congratulations, Erga Pierrette! You are a Clean Water Champion.