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February marks Black History Month in America, a time to reflect on important advancements and milestones in history and honor those who sacrificed and impacted the Black movement for justice and equality. And while we must look back to see the tremendous progress we have made; it is also important to uplift and celebrate Black leaders of today – Clean Water leaders.

Black History Water Champion - Sasha Lewis-Norelle

Today’s Black History Water Champion is Sasha Lewis-Norelle who works in our Minnesota office as an Environmental Health and Justice Organizer.

"Sasha has been an amazing strategic leader in our coalitions while working on fighting against the cumulative impacts of pollution and lead service line replacement. He is an innovator, connector, collaborator, and his passion shows up in his work. It’s clear that the issue of environmental justice isn’t what he does - it’s in his blood and an advocate is who he is! He isn’t afraid to ask questions or think outside the box," said Avonna Starck, MN State Director

Sasha grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and moved to the Twin Cities for school. He is currently finishing a final semester at Macalester College, about to graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies. Nature and the environment have always been important to Sasha, but Macalester College and the Twin Cities environmental activist community fostered a strong desire to fight for environmental justice and a sustainable future. In college, he has worked on multiple fossil fuel divestment campaigns, and continues to volunteer for the Sunrise Movement and other environmental groups in the Twin Cities. In his spare time, he likes to play bass, go for walks, and watch anime.

Congratulations Sasha Lewis-Norelle! You are a Clean Water Champion.


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Urgent Town Hall Addressing PFAS Concerns to be Held in Minnesota

Clean Water Action and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA) have partnered to hold a PFAS prevention community town hall on Sunday, February 26th in Coon Rapids, MN. The town hall will feature authors of the legislation, community leaders, and residents.

Minnesota Legislative Update: PFAS Prevention Package

"Today I am writing specifically about our advocacy around PFAS chemicals and an emotional personal story that has touched many at the Capitol and across Minnesota."

Factsheet: Minnesota 2023 PFAS Prevention Package

To protect current and future generations from harm Minnesota should take immediate action to stop the use of PFAS in a wide array of products. Clean Water Action and the Healthy Legacy Coalition are supporting the 2023 Minnesota PFAS Prevention Package which includes Information Disclosure, PFAS Non-Essential Use Ban, and Firefighting Foam Loophole Closure.