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I first got to know Clean Water Action about 10 years ago. At the time, I was working for Community Labor United and helping convene the Green Justice Coalition (GJC), a partnership of unions, community organizations in working class and communities of color, and environmental organizations, including Clean Water Action.

In GJC, Clean Water Action played a key role in connecting work around economics with environmental justice. Personally, as a relative newbie to climate, health, and environmental advocacy at that point (my activism had focused on global justice and labor unions), I was grateful to Clean Water Action staff (especially Cindy Luppi and Alex Papali) who helped me navigate a world that was new to me.

I took note: here was an organization that purposely stood at the intersection of environmental protection, public health, worker rights, and community justice. This intersection was an important part of my personal life as my family was expanding – we eventually added three new members.

As a father, I find myself thinking much more often and more deeply about what kind of climate, what kind of world, and what kind of economy we are setting up for my children and their generation.

Since transitioning from Community Labor United to my present work at the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts, I have continued to be a regular supporter and donor to the work that Clean Water Action does.

Recently, I have been inspired by Clean Water’s work with environmental health advocates and Massachusetts firefighters to ban toxic flame retardants. That campaign is a perfect example of the critical work bringing sometimes-disparate partners together. In collaboration, we can work with our legislature, create a clear campaign, and ultimately win!

I hope you can join me in supporting this inspiring organization in their upcoming Spring for Water benefit on Wednesday, May 22nd from 5 pm to 7 pm at Carrie Nation Restaurant and Cocktail bar. You can RSVP or donate here