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Baltimore's Lead Testing Survey

Clean Water Action is conducting a study of 200 homes in Baltimore City and County to test for lead contamination in drinking water.

Lead can enter water if it is present in the service lines, in-home pipes, or faucets and fixtures in your home, and if water is corrosive or has high mineral content.  To learn more about how lead enters drinking water, click here.

Clean Water Action can test your drinking water for free if:

  • your home was built before 1986
  • you have not replaced the drinking water pipes in your home
  • you can allow us to collect the sample after at least 6 hours of not using your water

By participating in this study you will:

  • learn about the risks of lead in drinking water
  • find out whether your drinking water may contain lead
  • help us understand lead contamination in Baltimore City

To sign up to test your home's drinking water, click here.

Want to learn more about the challenges of lead in drinking water?  Clean Water Action is a member of the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative.  Learn more about this initiative and other efforts to reduce lead contamination here: