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For the past few months, Clean Water Action members have been writing, speaking, and rallying for offshore wind in Maryland.  And today, the Public Service Commission surprised advocates and business leaders alike by approving (PDF) both proposals to build offshore wind farms in the Atlantic waters of Maryland. 

Today’s decision by the Public Service Commission to make a bold investment in offshore wind is a victory for Marylanders across the state concerned about climate change and air pollution, but especially for Baltimore.  Offshore wind for Maryland means onshore jobs for Baltimore – especially for those communities that have dealt most directly with the pollution of dirty industry when it was there, and the economic repercussions when it left.  Seizing the “first mover” advantage that’s before us now positions the Port of Baltimore, with its deep water access, transportation opportunities, and available land on the Sparrow’s Point peninsula, to become an offshore manufacturing hub to serve offshore wind developments up and down the East Coast.  This will be a just and equitable way to move Baltimore’s economy forward and use our resources to fight climate change at a time when that’s most needed.  On behalf of our 400 members who wrote comments urging the PSC to think big on offshore wind, we’ll keep working to make sure that Baltimore sees the benefits of this new and growing industry as it develops across the East Coast.

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