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As a field manager for Clean Water Action, I’ve crisscrossed the State of Maryland many times, knocking on doors and recruiting citizens to join me in Clean Water Action’s fight to protect our environment. I’ve met a lot of really interesting people with this job but yesterday was the first time I’ve ever been able to share Clean Water Action’s mission with members of the Maryland General Assembly!

I was honored to testify before the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee yesterday in support of the REDUCE Act (Senate Bill 398). This Bill supports information sharing about diesel trucks to enhance community engagement in decision about new industrial development. The goal is effective community engagement between neighborhoods, industry, and government when new air pollution permits are being considered.

Supporting this bill was a no-brainer for me. Many of the communities I have worked in know the effects of pollution firsthand and they are eager to have their voices heard. They also know where their kids play, the route they take as they walk to school, and where they hangout. This is why their input on new air pollution permits is vital.

I’m proud to work for an organization that believes that one’s health and quality of life should not be determined by his or her zip code and I was proud to support the REDUCE Act yesterday in Annapolis. This bill will ensure that every community’s health is treated with equity and integrity.

Learn more about the REDUCE Act here.