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Tell the MD General Assembly: Let's Get Composting!

Food waste is a significant problem for the environment and for food access. Approximately a quarter of the overall food supply is either buried in methane-emitting landfills or burned in pollution-spewing incinerators. Please tell your Maryland elected officials to support these bills to save school food from going to waste and to expand on farm composting of food scraps!

Support the Waste Authority Sunset Act

The Waste Authority is outdated for Maryland's current needs, and a recent state commission recommended evaluating how and whether they fit into Maryland's future.. Take action today & tell your representatives to support the Waste Authority Sunset Act and plan for a Zero Waste future in Maryland!

Our Clean Water Priorities in the 2023 MD Legislative Session

Maryland's 2023 legislative session has begun! For 90 days stretching until April 10, advocates across Maryland will be busily at work passing legislation through the House and Senate and to the desk of our new Governor Moore. Here are the top bills that we'll be prioritizing at Clean Water Action and how you can take action - we can't do it without you!

Reclaim Renewable Energy in Maryland

Maryland's RPS Program - created in 2004 to subsidize new renewable energy development - is failing. The program is full of loopholes which allow numerous polluting energy sources to define themselves as clean. Tell the General Assembly to support the Reclaim Renewable Energy Act!

Enact Transportation Equity in Maryland

Public transit and smart transportation planning are some of the most important tools that local and state governments have to fight climate change and reduce structural inequalities. Transportation decisions should improve local air quality, rather than drive greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce economic inequality instead of excluding working-class communities from the opportunities we need to thrive.