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Clean Water Massachusetts Youth Action Collaborative is a space to educate, energize, and organize Massachusetts youth to take action on local environmental issues that you’re passionate about as well as plugging you into key campaigns already happening in Massachusetts. We take on a broad range of environmental issues such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste, toxic chemicals, drinking water and much more!

We will be learning through an environmental justice lens in a fun and engaging collaborative environment (online for now). In addition to diving into these issues with your peers, Collaborative members will have the opportunity to speak publicly at community events (virtual for now) and official government hearings, design and execute social media educational campaigns, and make connections with peers and mentors in the environmental movement. Great for youth who are already interested in the environment or for people who want to learn more, build their resume, and make a difference! We especially encourage those from environmental justice communities to apply. Environmental justice communities include communities of color, low income communities, and language isolated communities. Sign up below!