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When it comes to producing meat, corporate agriculture’s entire supply chain, from growing the crops that feed the animals to the production of their products, pollutes our water and air, while contributing to climate change. Fertilizers, chemicals, and manure spread on crop fields runs off into our surrounding waterways. Manure stored at feedlot operations is subject to spread from flooding or leaks. Emissions from growing and harvesting the feed, stored animal waste, animal burps, and the production facilities contribute even further to climate change. Worst of all, corporate agriculture shows no signs of stopping. The dead-zone in the Gulf of Mexico grows every year, the food industry will fail to meet its goal of eliminating deforestation by 2020 and our drinking water supplies are increasingly affected.

You can do something about this -- pledge to stop supporting meat raised and produced on factory farms. Start asking where your meat comes from and how it’s raised. Get to know your local farmers who are committed to raising livestock in a way that doesn’t pollute our environment. Make the pledge below to start re-shaping our food system to one that is sustainable!