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A Better Stormwater System for Pittsburgh

Stormwater runoff impairs waterways as well as causes street flooding and basement backups. Recently, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority released their draft “Strategic Plan for Stormwater” to the public. We are asking residents to weigh in during the public comment period which ends on February


CB38-2019 Protect This Watershed

Howard County has a lot of upcoming legislation with hearings scheduled in September. This includes CB38-2019, the Protect This Watershed bill.

Councilwoman Liz Walsh's CB38-2019 is a very big bill that is responding to the problem of waivers in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed. Many laws


Approval of flawed stormwater plans disappointing

This past Monday, Governor Hogan’s Administration circulated a press release praising local governments for having "met their requirements under state law to develop financing plans to reduce polluted stormwater runoff and protect and restore local waters and the Chesapeake Bay." But most of these plans don't actually meet the requirements of the law.


Funding for polluted runoff protections falls short in Frederick

“Generally, they’re getting worse.” That was the verdict on Frederick County’s local streams at last night’s public hearing on the County’s Financial Assurance Plan, a document that should outline how the County government will pay for stormwater restoration projects mandated by the Chesapeake Bay Plan.


Reducing Stormwater Runoff in the Chesapeake Bay

Stormwater runoff is one of the leading contributors to pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. After big storms, the water carries whatever is on the ground and in the streets into our waterways. Impervious surfaces, such as the roads and pavement that cover densely populated areas, don’t allow rain to seep into the ground, causing more polluted stormwater to enter the Bay.