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Pass the Maryland Essential Workers Act

Clean Water Action, along with a number of other organizations, has joined with Marylanders for Food and Farm Worker Protection in supporting a package of legislation to protect Maryland’s seafood and poultry processing and farm workers from COVID-19. This package includes paid sick leave expansion


Food and Farmworker Protective Standards for COVID-19

Although farmworkers are considered “essential workers,” they have been granted few protections prior to and during the pandemic. As Maryland’s most marginalized workers, farmworkers are particularly vulnerable to exposure to coronavirus because of high rates of respiratory disease due occupational


Vote to protect water and open space in Rhode Island

When I first moved to Rhode Island from New Jersey I didn’t know what to expect. I quickly learned that Providence was vibrant and lively with something to do on every corner. Despite its urban nature, I also learned that the people here cared deeply about the environment.


Remémbrense — In Memory of Helen Fabela Chavez, 1928 to 2016

On June 6, 2016 we said goodbye to Helen Fabela Chavez, a first generation Mexican American, wife, mother, activist, union bookkeeper and visionary, born in Brawley, California.

Not much is known or documented about women activists in the United Farm Workers of America (UFWA). History rarely cites