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Act Now to Cut Methane!

To ensure EPA finalizes the strongest possible methane safeguards, we need as many people as possible to weigh in during the comment period through February 13th. We can protect our communities and the climate from methane pollution, ensuring cleaner air and healthier communities. Tell EPA not to let this opportunity slip away!

Report from the White House Summit on Accelerating Lead Pipe Replacement

It’s no small thing to move an issue like lead service line replacement all the way to the White House. Growing recognition that there are still sources of lead in our drinking water systems and that they pose a real health risk has helped propel this issue to the top of the Administration’s agenda.

One Simple Way to Fight Climate Change: #CutMethane

Methane is the second largest pollutant contributing to climate change and has also been proven to be a massive human health concern - contributing to asthma, cancer and other public health issues. We can - and must - curb the methane threat with stronger regulatory action.