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The climate friendly solution to hot summer days in Boston

Massachusetts residents struggled with extreme heat earlier this month during a week-long heatwave that drove temperatures up to 98 degrees. In Dorchester, where Betsy Drinan lives, days can get up to 15 degrees hotter compared to nearby rural areas.

For 20 years, Betsy has lived on the third floor


Equity, efficiency and climate justice now!

Every three years, Connecticut’s energy efficiency program is revised by the Utilities for approval by the Energy Efficiency Board. The comment period for the DRAFT plan is open and we are mobilizing members and residents to urge bolder action to assure that we meet our climate goals.

Chime in on Energy Efficiency Justice

You may have called upon the services of Mass Save. Free of charge, they will send someone out to your house and evaluate the efficiency of your home or business, replace your light bulbs with high efficiency LEDs and give recommendations on how to increase the efficiency of your home.