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Working Together For Change

On this momentous Inauguration Day, I am reflecting on the challenges we’ve faced as well as the positive change we have created together these past four years. Across the country, we banded together, steadfast in our duty to protect our environment in the face of very real threats.


Marching Forward Together -- Thoughts on the Inauguration of Joe Biden

Our job is to make sure, as much as possible, we stay focused on the ultimate goals -- combating climate change, protecting clean water, ending white supremacy and the systematic oppression faced by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color throughout this country, and moving forward toward a brighter future. These campaigns will take longer than two years, but we have to set ourselves on the correct path now.

Are you ready?

In early 2016 I was out with some colleagues and one of them said, “We elected Reagan twice, Trump could win.” I chuckled and said “OK, boomer” to myself.


As my friend, Neil, recently wrote , everything we thought could happen under a Trump administration has. And then some.

So this year


The future is unwritten.

Neil Bhaerman is a Clean Water Action member and former Clean Water Action phone canvasser and Communications Manager. He currently directs communications for the Ohio Federation of Teachers .

I’m sorry. Four years ago, the week before the 2016 election, I wrote this , a look into a possible