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COVID- 19 has changed the way we work at Clean Water Action, but it hasn’t changed our guiding principles. Environmental Justice and Economic Justice go hand in hand, and we know that when people are able to meet basic needs like access to water, heat, and electricity, public health improves. In addition to keeping our water, toxics, energy, and elections campaigns going by shifting our organizing and education programs online, we have joined a number of groups calling for leadership in the state legislature and governor’s office to pass measures like sick time for struggling essential workers. We’re also taking on new issues, like making sure that people have access to their utilities and aren’t shut off as we recover from the pandemic.
We have been inspired by the online response, and are grateful that you’re looking for connection and ways to make a difference just like we are. We’ve put together a list of ways you can help, be helped, and hopefully have some fun along the way. The work for a clean, just, and healthy environment never stops- so please check back regularly for updates!
Thank you to all of you who are able to help protect the public health of our communities by sheltering-in-place and practicing social distancing - everything we do now helps save lives.


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If you are aware of other mutual aid groups, and would like the information shared here, please email us at

Child Care:

Having trouble balancing homeschooling and zoom calls? Check out Teach to Family Connection on Facebook.

If you are looking for free educational resources for kids of all ages, try this resource.


State Health Connector re-opens insurance enrollment in face of coronavirus threat.

CVS offers free 1-2 day delivery on most prescriptions (and you can ad non-Rx items to your order)

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