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ReThink Disposable in New Jersey

ReThink Disposable, a program of Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund, prevents waste before it starts by working with local governments, businesses and institutions, and consumers to minimize single use disposable packaging in food service to conserve resources, prevent waste and ocean litter pollution.

Civic Engagement, and Democracy in NJ

Working to educate and empower the public, hold elected officials accountable, and build grassroots strength to change politics and environmental policy in New Jersey and across the country.

Environmental Justice & Equity in NJ

Working to build economic, social and environmental justice (EJ) in New Jersey's urban communities faced with the disproportionate impacts of pollution.

Climate Change, Green Energy & Jobs in NJ

Refocusing energy solutions on renewable energy, climate justice, and family supporting green jobs instead of oil and gas projects that endanger our health, water & communities.