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JOIN US in our efforts to reduce the use of plastics and litter in our communities and environment!

Clean Water Action is asking concerned residents, plastic activities, Town Green Teams & Environmental Commissions, and municipal governments to adopt “Skip the Stuff” ordinances similar to the one adopted by Maplewood. This provision prohibits takeout and/or food delivery services from including plasticware unless specifically requested. 

The town of Maplewood, NJ adopted its 2020 comprehensive ordinance that took multiple approaches to reducing the generation of plastics and Styrofoam. It pre-dates the 2020 statewide bag, Styrofoam and straw policy. All elements of any local ordinance that are NOT superseded by the 2020 New Jersey law remain in effect like the “Skip the Stuff” provisions in the Maplewood ordinance. Future municipal ordinances may also be adopted for areas not addressed by the 2020 New Jersey law.  

Clean Water Action is now seeking the adoption of “Skip the Stuff” practices and policies at the local and state level. 

By passing local ordinances now, we build support for a broader state-wide policy. A5331 is an example of a New Jersey bill which prohibits food service businesses from providing single-use plastic utensils and condiments to customers except upon request. It was introduced in the New Jersey legislature but did not advanced to date. We know statewide policies to reduce plastics and waste are very effective. Since the effective date (May 2022) of the 2020 state law, over 8 billion single use plastic bags have been avoided annually by shifting to reusables. This protects the planet, reducing litter while saving businesses a lot of money. 

If you are interested in Clean Water Action’s Skip the Stuff or ReThink Disposable campaign including the conversion to reusable food service ware in schools, food pantries and meal on wheels, contact Marta Young, Clean Water Action’s Zero Waste Specialist.