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 Restaurants should only give out single-use plastic cultery and condiment containers if requested by customers. 


Skip the Stuff When Getting Take Out

The Problem
  •  It is estimated that 40 billion individual single-use plastic utensils are discarded every year in the United States. Plastic never decomposes but instead gets smaller and smaller as it breaks into microplastics.
  • Plastic has recently been found making its way to our bloodstream and then into breast milk and the heart. 
  • According to the National Institute of Health, manufacturing,  transportation, use and decomposition of plastic is harmful to our health. It has been linked to numerous cancers, insulin resistance, decreased sex hormones and other negative consequences for our reproductive system.
  • Most plastic utensils are unused and an unnecessary cost burden to restaurants. Since 2014, online food ordering has increased 300% faster than dine-in, furthering the plastic pollution problem.
The Solution
  • Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund's ReThink Disposable program is working to stop plastic trash through Skip the Stuff!
  • Restaurants should only give out single-use plastic cutlery and condiment containers if requested by customers.
  • Urge your town to pass a "Skip the Stuff" ordinance - learn more here.
  • New Jersey needs to pass a “Skip the Stuff” bill so we can continue to be an environmental leader.

Together, we will reduce litter, plastics pollution and related health impacts while saving small businesses money by skipping the stuff in take-out food orders, as seen in work by ReThink Disposable.