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Recommended Practices and Products to Minimize Exposure to Harmful Chemicals  

These days, public health priority number one is curbing the spread of Coronavirus. 

Whether you are transitioning back into the workplace, or taking protective measures around the home, you are probably surrounded by a lot more cleaning chemicals and disinfectants than you were before the pandemic.

Unfortunately, many of these cleaning and disinfecting chemicals are not good for our health either.  While it is important to prevent COVID transmission, it is also important to limit exposure to harmful chemicals that are often used to kill COVID 19.

Funded by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, Clean Water Fund has put together trainings, materials and resources that discuss the recent science on COVID transmission, which chemicals are effective against COVID, and how you can choose safer products while still effectively removing COVID from surfaces in your school, home or facility. Watch the training and download additional resources below!



Materials and Resources





Provided by a grant from the Toxics Use Reduction Institute



Provided by a grant from the Toxics Use Reduction Institute. For more information, contact Laura Spark,