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Group Points to Pendley’s Illegal Tenure as Acting BLM Director, Opposition to Public Lands, Ties to Big Oil & Gas, Racism, As Reasons to Give Pendley the Pink Slip

Starting today, a new online ad buy from Clean Water Fund, a leading environmental advocacy group, will target US Senators with messages demanding that they call for the immediate firing of acting Bureau of Land Management director, William Perry Pendley. 

Perry Pendley has served as acting director of the Bureau of Land Management for more than 375 days even after having his name withdrawn from the Senate confirmation process and in violation of the Federal Vacancies Review Act, which restricts acting appointees from serving in their position for more than 90 days. 

The ads  will read: “Tell the Senate to demand President Trump fire William Perry Pendley,” and “Senators: William Perry Pendley is flaunting your rules, tell Trump to fire him,” highlighting how Pendley has been proven to be an anti-environmental extremist who is unfit to serve at the BLM, is in likely violation of the law, and is an enemy of America’s public lands who wants to sell them off to his friends and cronies in the oil and gas industry.


The ads come as the Montana-based Western Values Project released the results of a survey of nearly 3,800 voters today, revealing that 61% of people disapprove of Pendley’s de facto role as Acting Director of the BLM.

“William Perry Pendley’s continued tenure as Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management is egregious - and Congress knows that - which is why his formal nomination fell apart” said Michael Kelly, communications director for Clean Water Fund. “Pendley is anti-public lands, anti-environment, and anti-science, and he has absolutely no intention of protecting our public lands, wild spaces, and clean air and water, which is a critical part of what the BLM is designed to do. In short, Pendley is an extremist who has no place serving as Director of the Bureau of Land Management - or in any other governmental role for that matter. William Perry Pendley is bad for our public lands. The Senate must call on Donald Trump to fire him immediately.”

Earlier this year, Clean Water Fund erected a series of three billboards across Grand Junction, Colorado featuring a spoof realty advertisement from William Perry Pendley that highlighted his efforts to dismantle and sell off public lands.

In March, Clean Water Fund distributed spoof real estate calendars to the House Natural Resources committee as they heard testimony from Pendley on his priorities for BLM. In January, as Pendley arrived at Bureau of Land Management offices in Grand Junction, members of Clean Water Action, Rig to Flip and other local conservation groups met him with an “unwelcoming committee,” with a protest featuring swamp monster costumes and masks, and nefarious Pendley inspired mustaches.

Prior to that, Clean Water Fund held a sign spinning visibility event outside of the Department of the Interior (DOI) to draw attention to the expiration of William Perry Pendley’s tenure as Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and to highlight the liquidation of our public lands by him and Secretary David Bernhardt.

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