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Climate change is an immediate and grave threat to the 9 million people who call New Jersey home. The combination of rising sea levels, increasingly destructive storms, severe and more frequent flooding events, and other devastating climate impacts represent nothing short of an emergency.

Clean Water Action has joined Empower NJ, a coalition of groups calling on Governor Murphy to enact a moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects and a rapid and fair transition to a 100% clean renewable energy economy.

Dirty energy infrastructure releases carcinogenic toxins; CO2, the most common greenhouse gas; and methane, the most potent gas, which traps heat in the atmosphere at 87 times the rate of CO2 in a 20-year time frame. We must immediately cut our greenhouse gas emissions if we are serious about combating climate change and meeting the governor's goal of 100% clean renewable energy by 2050, or surpassing it with a more ambitious goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035.

The new fossil fuel projects being proposed in our state are unneeded, hurt the environment and our health, and are against the interests of New Jersey residents, who overwhelmingly support a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy. Join us in urging Governor Murphy to enact a moratorium on all fossil fuel infrastructure projects in New Jersey.