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The 2022 Minnesota caucuses take place on Tuesday, February 1st. Caucus resolutions are the grassroots way of promoting your ideas and values in the political process.

Read and print out our issue resolutions, and read further down how to participate in the caucus resolution process!

Clean Water Action’s issue resolutions:

How to advance and support caucus resolutions:

What is a caucus?

A caucus is a meeting of party members within a legislative body to select party candidates, elect delegates, and vote on caucus resolutions. The Minnesota caucus is Tuesday, February 1st. Find out your caucus location here.

What is a caucus resolution?

A caucus resolution is an issue proposal, brought by caucus participants. These resolutions are voted on by the precinct caucus and, ideally, added to the party’s platform.  Getting on the party platform raises visibility of the issue.  Use the links above to read, download, and print Clean Water Action’s caucus resolutions!

Why is it important to present environmental caucus resolutions?

The party platform is made up of issue the party plans to work on through the next year. It is important that drinking water, great lakes, clean energy, toxics reform, and clean water are all made a priority to work on in 2022.  The environment can’t wait any longer for strong protections.  We need to make sure the parties select candidates that will fight for clean water.

Thank you for taking action, and let us know how it goes!