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Congress Poised to Act on Diesel Pollution

Written by Jonathan Scott, Clean Water Action’s interim Communications Director What if there was a way to save lives in communities across the country that would also protect and create jobs, improve children’s health, reduce global warming pollution and protect our water? That is exactly what the
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Slow and Steady Won this Clean Water Race

guest posting by Jonathan A. Scott, for Clean Water Action Will Industry's New Phosphate "Ban" Usher in a New Era of Pollution Prevention? In 2010, should any company be allowed to produce a consumer product that is expressly designed to pollute? Since the 1940s, the largest corporate purveyors of
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Spill Response: What's next for Big Energy?

by Jonathan A. Scott What may soon become the planet’s biggest oil spill disaster ever (if it is not already) is prompting record-breaking responses. In some corners, the response is a debate that rages on, weeks after the spill began: Which company should be blamed? BP? Haliburton? Transocean? Or
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"High-Tech" Trash Burners Consume $$$ for Fuel

Today's guest blogger is Jonathan Scott, Clean Water Action's acting Communications Director and veteran of numerous campaigns for alternatives to incineration. The sad saga of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s money-burning trash incinerator is only the latest in a long line of woeful tales heard ever
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I want my canned beans without synthetic sex hormones, please.

Today's guest blogger is Clean Water Action's Mia Davis, who co-authored the No Silver Lining report, released last week. I want my canned beans without synthetic sex hormones, please… Is it too much to ask that canned foods be safe and nontoxic, and free of BPA, a synthetic sex hormone? I don’t
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