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By burning trash, the HERC releases many chemicals that contribute to staggering rates of asthma and other respiratory conditions. Even though Hennepin County owns the trash burner, county officials do not talk about its dangers and harms. It is the #1 source of nitrogen oxides, #2 of PM2.5, #2 of sulfur dioxide, #3 of lead, and #6 of carbon monoxide emissions in the entire county.

County officials present a biased picture of the burner instead of telling the whole truth. They also never inform the public when there are violations, such as in August 2019 when the mercury filter was not operational. They hide behind unjust and inadequate regulations that do not account for concentrating so much pollution in one area, or the hundreds of pollutants that are not required to be filtered or tracked.

While North Minneapolis has been on the frontlines leading this fight for decades, the pollution that leaves the HERC is not restricted there. Hennepin County is made up of 45 cities and 1.27 million people. Each and every one of those people deserves to breathe clean air.

Tell Hennepin County commissioners to stop treating our community like a toxic dumping ground and endangering the health of our neighbors and loved ones. Sign the petition today!

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