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In 2022, Michigan voters made it clear that we want leaders in elected office to prioritize protecting our water and ensure that all Michigan residents have access to safe, clean, affordable drinking water.

Take action today and tell our representatives in Lansing to make this a priority! Write to your lawmakers today! 

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2023 Michigan Legislative Priorities

Clean Water Action has 135,000 active Michigan members who value our Great Lakes and protection of the water resources on which we all rely. This document covers our priorities and policy recommendations for the 102nd Michigan legislature.

Our Water Must Never be for Sale – Explaining Public Trust and Why it Matters

Public Trust means that the people of Michigan own our water resources, and the State has a solemn responsibility to protect our water for the use and enjoyment of Michigan residents. This is an important yet often overlooked piece of our bundle of rights in a democratic society.

Make a Special Gift to Protect Clean Water in Michigan

Make a special gift to protect clean water in Michigan today!