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Happy International Women's Day! 

On this International Women's Day and during Women's History Month, Clean Water Action honors the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Today is a day to celebrate activism, and highlight gender inequalities and the struggles women uniquely face.

This year, International Women's Day is centered on the theme of #EmbraceEquity. We believe International Women's Day is every day and support full equality for women and justice for all. We acknowledge the disproportionate impact of environmental pollution and harm faced by women, particularly people of color. Protecting the right to clean drinking water is paramount for environmental justice! Water is essential for survival, and yet many communities still lack clean water. 

Water Justice

More than 2 million people living in the United States lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation, according to a report from the US Water Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on sustainable water access in the country. 

Women, in particular women of color, have been deeply embedded in the water justice movement. Clean Water Action recognizes the countless women, including many of our own Clean Water Action staff, allies and frontline communities both past and present, who fight for clean water and justice. Clean water is a human right, not a privilege. 

This International Women's Day, we encourage you to take action!

This week in Congress, there is a critical vote happening that puts our water at risk, including drinking water sources for millions of people!

Some members of Congress are pushing to overturn the Biden Administration's Clean Water Restoration Rule using the Congressional Review Act (CRA), which enables the speedy overturning of duly-issued regulations outside of the usual legislative process. We are urging Congress to vote no on the CRA resolution to weaken clean water protections.

The Clean Water Restoration Rule safeguards water quality by restoring Clean Water Act protections (which were stripped under the former Trump Administration) to streams, wetlands, and other water bodies critical to clean drinking water and healthy ecosystems.

Too many communities, especially Indigenous communities, communities of color, and low wealth communities, still lack clean water! We need to move forward, not backwards, on clean water protections. We need to remind Congress to protect our families and communities over polluters and work to ensure that everyone, no matter their race, zip code, or income, has access to clean water. 

Contact Congress Today!