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Our homes are supposed to be safe places for our families. However, right in the heart of our homes, stoves are emitting gasses such as benzene and methane, which worsen indoor air quality, harm our health, and contribute to climate change.

The Home Is Where The Pipeline Ends study made it clear that gas is not a clean fuel. Unfortunately, people of color are the most vulnerable to air pollution; Black and brown children in Massachusetts are at high risk of developing or worsening respiratory illnesses such as asthma. To protect our families, we need public health legislation, and strict building codes that ensure the air we breathe is free of toxic gas leaks, mold, and other pollutants.

Clean Water Action is working to pass legislation (H.2330: An Act to Improve Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality for Communities Burdened by Transportation Pollution) which seeks to improve air quality in multiple ways, including upgrading building codes to prevent the installation of new gas stoves. H.2230 could become a reality this legislative session if our representatives wake up and realize that the transition to clean energy starts at home and is long overdue. To get this bill over the finish line, your legislators need to hear from you!

TAKE ACTION NOW and ask your representatives to prioritize An Act to improve outdoor and indoor air quality for communities burdened by transportation pollution.