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The votes have been counted and the races have been called, solidifying the future of California’s legislature for the next two years. With so many factors at play, from redistricting to a large number of terms ending, this year’s election shook things up in our state’s capital, with a whole lot of new faces, as well as new ideas, coming out on top.

Key Races: Who We Endorsed, Why, and Who Won

This year, Clean Water Action’s Vote Environment (CWAVE) Committee chose to focus on a select number of open seat races where certain candidates stood out to us as leaders for the environment, social justice, and democracy. Below is a list of who we endorsed, who won, and what this means for the clean water movement.

US Congress

Kevin Mullin
Congressional District 15

Jackie Speier left some big shoes to fill in the House of Representatives, but we’re excited to see Kevin Mullin step up to the plate. Having someone on a federal level who prioritizes energy reform, water conservation, and protecting our wildlife is something we look forward to seeing from him in the future!

Katie Porter
Congressional District 47

Now more than ever we need someone like Katie Porter voicing the concerns of the people on a federal level. Katie has been one of our most steadfast allies in the fight for clean water, consistently refusing money from big businesses and calling out the leaders of the oil and gas industry who would use their power to put our communities in danger. We expect to see her continue to push for legislation that addresses the root of the issues of climate change, pollution, and water affordability.

California Senate

Aisha Whab
California State Senate District 10

Aisha Wahab earning a seat in our state Senate is a major win for the people of California and their chances of having major issues like climate change, infrastructure, and water affordability. Aisha has been a champion for these causes on a local level, and we’re excited to see them taken to our state capital!

California Assembly

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
California Assembly District 16

We’re excited to see someone with Rebecca Bauer-Kahan’s background and leadership capacity return to the Assembly! She has extensive experience as a member of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials and chairs the Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee, making her a key voice for the environment. We believe that this experience, along with her history of advocacy for native tribes and vulnerable communities, will bring great things for the people of California.

Liz Ortega
California Assembly District 20

With Liz Ortega joining the Assembly, Californians can expect an advocate for programs that protect and uplift our most vulnerable communities, a voice for communities of color and workers, and a vision for a greener California. Liz is dedicated to ensuring the safety and prosperity of those she represents, and we look forward to seeing her work in the future.

Gail Pellerin
California Assembly District 28

We’re excited to see a clean water advocate like Gail Pellerin win a seat on the Assembly! Gail will be a vocal advocate for fighting climate change through government action and policies focused on investing in green energy, promoting sustainability, and addressing pressing issues like wildfires and water quality. We can’t wait to see her use her new position to push forward policies that protect and support our communities!

Water Board

Marguerite Young
East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) Board of Directors, Ward 3

Marguerite Young has been someone the people can trust on the EBMUD Board of Directors, due in major part to her dedication to prioritizing the needs of low-income families and communities as well as her commitment to climate justice. We look forward to seeing what she will continue to do in this position to expand on her work in water affordability, managing the drought, and reducing wildfire risks.