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Clean Water Action field canvasser speaking to a member on her doorstep

Organizing for Clean Water in 2020 - and beyond

How did you first meet Clean Water Action? For most of our members, it was on your doorstep. Clean Water Action has organized for decades not by waiting for people to come to us, but by going into neighborhoods across the country with a clipboard in hand. We found people like you - who care about protecting clean water, willing to listen, ready to take action. 

2020 brought our in person outreach to a halt. But thanks to supporters like you and your commitment to fight for clean water and our health, we made a lot of progress in 2020 in the face of long odds.

Our field canvassers took their organizing skills to phone calls and texts and had the meaningful conversations that lead to some fantastic 2020 victories. In New Jersey, we passed the strongest environmental justice and plastic pollution legislation in the country. In Michigan, we passed the first statewide PFAS regulations - and Clean Water Action members submitted more public comments than any other group and helped ensure limits were the most robust in the US. After years of sustained grassroots organizing, we’re finally shutting down the dangerous Line 5 pipeline in the Great Lakes.

Most importantly, we successfully mobilized Clean Water Voters in key battleground states and across the country. Our organizers were there answering questions about casting ballots safely during this pandemic and encouraging voters (and candidates) to make environmental issues a priority. And we succeeded! You helped us elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Clean Water endorsed candidates across the country. We made environmental issues a priority at the ballot box, drop box, and mailbox. And when our democracy was challenged, we fought back and made sure our voices were heard and votes counted.

We couldn't have done this without you - and we're not done yet! Clean Water Action can continue fighting strong for our water, environment, and health in 2021.

We know you care about our water and want to see it protected. And you're not alone. Together with your support and our expertise and grassroots strength, we will work to undo the rollbacks of the past four years and move forward. We're ready and excited to work with a new presidential administration on addressing environmental justice, tackling climate change, cleaning up PFAS and other pollutants, and ensuring everyone has access to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water. We just need you.

Together, we can build on these 2020 victories and protect clean water – now and for the future. If you missed us at your door this year - we missed you too! Make a year end contribution, take an action, and share with your friends and family. Keep an eye on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for opportunities to join us remotely for events and updates on important issues, and subscribe to our podcast to learn more. Together, we can work towards a better future for the health of our environment and our communities in 2021. 

Clean Water is worth fighting for!