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Great news!

Our work with Connecticut’s procurement agency is paying off. Connecticut will now restrict the purchasing of many food service ware and food packaging items that contain toxic per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS chemicals) and significantly reduce styrene (Styrofoam) and plastics. This is great news as the state is a large purchaser, buying items for all state buildings, state schools, hospitals and agencies. Restricting items that contain PFAS sends a big signal to manufacturers that we don’t want these toxic chemicals contaminating our food or polluting the environment when they are thrown out after the single use.

PFAS chemicals are a class of almost 5,000 different variations of compounds that have a fluorine-carbon bond. This bond is extremely strong; therefore, these chemicals don’t break down in the environment.  They are linked to kidney and testicular cancers, liver disease, thyroid disruption, reproductive disorders and decreased immunity to vaccines in children. Once in the environment, they get into the soil, groundwater and migrate to drinking water sources. They leach out of landfills and are often not fully destroyed during incineration, thus polluting air and water.

We’re thrilled that the state partnered with us to “turn off the tap” on these toxic chemicals that pollute our water and harm the health of humans and all species.

Stay tuned! We’re gearing up to get the General Assembly to pass a bill by May 6th, 2020 that restricts PFAS in food packaging and food service ware for all CT residents. Join us to demand safer food packaging materials.

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