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Ready to Vote on Election Day!

Election Day is just around the corner on Tuesday, November 6th. Now is the time to double check your plan to make sure that you are ready to vote!

Is your voter information up to date? Use this Voter Look Up tool from the State of Maryland to make sure that your voter information is up to date and correct. You can also use it to double check your polling place for voting on Election Day.

Are you voting early or on election day? Anyone who is registered to vote can vote early, or on Election Day. Early Voting begins on Thursday, October 25th and ends on Thursday, November 1st. Voting hours are 10 AM to 8 PM. You can find more information about Early Voting at the Maryland State Board of Elections. If you have not yet registered to vote, you can register with Same Day Registration. Same Day Registration is only available during early voting. EARLY VOTING IS NOW FINISHED IN MARYLAND.

Do you need an absentee ballot? You can download the absentee ballot request form here. There are two different deadlines: October 30th if you need your ballot mailed to you, and November 2nd if you can print your ballot. THE DEADLINE FOR AN ABSENTEE BALLOT HAS NOW PASSED.

Do you know what you're voting on? This November, you will have a lot of decisions to make at the ballot box. Federally, you will be voting on both the Senate and House of Representatives races. For the state, 2018 is the election year for state offices, like governor, the General Assembly, and others. Many of Maryland's counties also have their elections for county executive, county council, or other governing body.

Think Clean Water this Election Season. State and local elections play major roles in what decisions are made about the water you interact with on a daily basis. From how polluters are held acccountable to what types of development can happen, decisions made by state and local government have lasting impacts on our streams, rivers, groundwater, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Be sure to check out the Clean Water Action's Vote Environment Committee's endorsements heading into election season as well as the Congressional Scorecard.