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Maryland needs to not only say no to crude oil infrastructure and other fossil fuels, but say yes to renewable energy that will bring clean power and good green jobs to our state. That's why we're working to make Maryland the first state in the country to buy in big on offshore wind. The two offshore wind farms proposed for Maryland would bring thousands of jobs to Baltimore and the Eastern Shore and provide enough clean power for over 500,000 homes - but this fall, we'll need to fight for the permits they need before Maryland sees these benefits.

A handful of business leaders in Ocean City are threatening to derail Maryland's offshore wind bid because of the turbines' "visual pollution," but those turbines will be a beautiful symbol of Maryland's clean energy future - not to mention a powerful tool against real pollution. Join environmental advocates, faith-based institutions, and artists from across Maryland for an art show to celebrate the wonders of offshore wind and call on our leaders to bring it to our state. Click here for details on the art exhibition closing shows:

ARTISTS: We invite artists to submit works to our show "Wonders of the Wind," a traveling exhibition from Ocean City to Baltimore City that will highlight the beauty of wind power and the clean energy future in Maryland. Submissions are due by April 22!

Work can be inspired by the following prompts, but need not directly respond to these questions. Abstract work or work inspired more generally by visions of a clean energy future and by the idea of 'the wonders of the wind' are welcome as well!


  • What would wind power mean for your Maryland community?
  • What visions do you have for a future that is powered by wind energy and respects people and the environment?
  • How could current proposals to assemble wind turbines in Baltimore and install them off of the Eastern Shore enhance the relationship between these two regions?
  • What impact would offshore wind have on Maryland’s economy, environment, and people?
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