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Of course all parents want to do what’s best for the well-being and safety of their children and family, so it’s a big concern that manufacturers still aren’t transparent about the chemicals used in their products. It seems like finding baby products that you know are toxic-free is nearly impossible.

The lack of disclosure by manufacturers often forces parents to make decisions about the products they purchase with virtually no information about the chemicals they contain. For example, two similar items on a store shelf could be from two polar opposite ends of the safety spectrum — but how can consumers tell based on appearance alone?

Clean Water Action knows how important it is to protect yourself and your family from toxic chemicals. Luckily, our friends at Getting Ready for Baby created a Safe Baby Products Guide to prepare you with the right knowledge when shopping for children’s products.
We encourage you to use the guide in 3 main ways:

  1. To find information about a particular product, when you just need one thing.
  2. To get a general understanding of what to think about when you buy products, set up your own registry, or are helping a loved one with theirs. You can download our recommendations on each page to keep them for later.
  3. To build an online registry using the tools created by BabyList.

Use the Safe Baby Products Guide as an effective tool to identify safer choices while shopping, and spread the word to friends and family! 

We all deserve safer products, which is why we are continuing to fight for better disclosure from manufacturers and more protective policies that get toxic chemicals out of products. Until that happens, tools like this are a huge help. Let us know what you think by connecting with us on Facebook @CleanWaterActionMN and on Twitter @CleanWaterMN.

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