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We had some great victories and much needed wins last night.

Here in New Jersey, Clean Water candidate Phil Murphy won as the next governor with a double digit mandate!

All 18 of Clean Water Action's legislative heroes running won! Voters also overwhelmingly supported the ballot question to ensure every dollar in polluter fines go to protecting the state's natural resources - and not get raided to plug holes in the budget. 

And this success was not limited to New Jersey.

Americans last night across the country rejected leaders who won't join us to protect our rights, our environment, and our health. Clean Water voters in Virginia elected a Governor who has pledged to lead the fight against climate change and made huge in roads in the State Legislature.

In Austin, Texas, voters overwhelmingly supported bonds to fund flood control, parks, trails and conservation.

Voters in Florida, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington State made strong Resistance statements too.

These are great victories, but the work isn't done. We have to carry this momentum to engage Americans to stop shortsighted and dangerous attacks on our water and health and mobilize even more voters in 2018 to elect leaders to Congress and state houses who will join with us to protect clean water, health, and communities.

More than ever we need to keep our presence and at of our members loud and clear.  We must now push good governing, appointments and policy.

Our 2017 scorecard shows New Jersey's Democratic-led Legislature has plenty of room for improvement.

Clean Water Action's canvass and program work will be ever important now during the gubernatorial transition and lame duck legislature and next year as the legislature and our new governor decide on how to enact promised good policies on a wide range of fronts.

Nothing is a guarantee without being vigilant. And we will do that with you!