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Take us with you to the beach this weekend

It’s been a busy spring at Clean Water Action. We’ve been exposing oil and gas money’s influence on our national politics. We’ve been keeping an eye on Congress to keep them from destroying critical environmental programs through the budget process.

We’ve been working for groundwater sustainability in California, stopping the Bureau of Land Management from selling off thousands of acres of public land in Texas to drilling companies, promoting responsible agricultural practices in Minnesota and California, winning safer policies for toxic flame retardants in Massachusetts, and so much more in cities and states around the country.

Our work won’t slow down any in the summer – it actually ramps up as we get out in the good weather to canvass more communities and build our grassroots strength – but like many of you, we’ll be taking a breather this Memorial Day weekend to spend time with our family and friends, take a trip to the beach or to the woods, or just relax at home. And since this weekend is the unofficial kickoff for summer fun, we wanted to share a bit of fun, and hopefully some inspiration, with you.

Clean Water staff around the country put our heads together to compile a killer playlist of some of our favorite songs about activism, organizing, the environment, and social justice. Check it out.

The songs cross genres, cross generations, and cross movements, but – like our one million members nationwide – are all intrinsically connected through a desire to make the world a better place. Download it and listen on your weekend road trip, or while lying out at the beach, and let us know what you think. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means, so we’re definitely open to ideas if there’s a song you think we should include next time.