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Texas: It's time to vote.

By Joe Emmons, Texas Program Coordinator Welcome to Election season! (The real, in your face, election season) This isn't the primaries folks, this isn't debates, and this certainly isn't the, seemingly, endless onslaught of attack ads that have been clogging up my valuable TV time.  This is the time to get off the couch, out of the house and to the polls.  Early voting ends today; the last day to vote is Tuesday.  Time is incredibly limited.  Clean Water Action wants to take this opportunity to give you some last minute information about the candidates we have endorsed in Texas as well as to give a friendly reminder to make your voice heard! Our central focus for Texas is water conservation.  The anticipated doubling of population over the coming decades coupled with the expectation for drier winters and hotter summers,  means it’s time for all of us to be conscious of our consumption.  We have to do our part - Simple things like turning off the faucet when we’re brushing our teeth and collecting whatever rain water we receive.  We can’t do it alone – we need elected officials who are aware of these problems and have common sense plans to address them.

We take pride in our state’s rich and vibrant history, one that we feel sets us apart from the rest of the United States.  Unfortunately water and air don’t recognize state lines; these are issues that must be addressed by all of us.  We need leaders who value collaboration and sensible non-partisan solutions to conserve resources vital to all Texans, all Americans and indeed, everyone.  Clean Water, Clean Air, and Clean Energy are not partisan talking points, they are our future. That is why Clean Water Action is counting on your vote to make sure our progress continues.  Nothing is going to change unless we stand together and say with one voice, we must protect the resources we are fortunate enough to have.  With your help, we will elect leaders who will stand up for our public health and well being, with your help we can continue to win fights and pass legislation to protect our homes, our towns, our great State, and our Nation. Now get out to the Polls and make your voice heard. Clean Water Action carefully screens candidates for public office to make sure that our values coincide with what is best for our water resources, please click here to view who we have endorsed in various races across Central Texas.