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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) collects self-reported data from Public Water Systems (PWS) on the state regarding their concern level for water quantity in their systems. The systems receive ratings according to threats of running low or even…running … out!

According to this self-reported data, approximately 10% of the population represented by the reporting public water systems are either already experiencing or threatened by water shortages. If we were to use this data to extrapolate a full Texas-wide picture, around 10% of Texas’s 30 million residents may be in systems that are threatened with water shortages. While that percentage sounds small, that represents 3 million+ Texans who may not have running, drinking-quality water in the medium or near future without conditions changing. Conservation of our existing water resources is strategy #1 that we can practice.

Here are reported outdoor watering restrictions in locations around Texas:

Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, San Marcos, Georgetown, Bastrop:
What is your watering schedule? Water restrictions in the Austin area

Chorpus Christi:
Drought Contingency & Conservation | City of Corpus Christi

City of Dallas Water Conservation Ordinance - Save Dallas Water!

El Paso:
Watering Schedule - El Paso Water

Current Watering Restrictions | City of Houston - Houston Public Works

Water Conservation Program | Laredo Utilities Department

San Antonio:
The drought continues and so do Stage 2 watering rules - San Antonio Water System




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