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Wins for Clean Water

The Connecticut legislative session is over and we’re thrilled that several bills that will protect our waters and our health passed this session!

Our top priority bill—to restrict toxic PFAS chemicals in food packaging and firefighting foam passed unanimously. Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances


Testimony on the Baltimore City Budget

On June 8, 2021, the Baltimore City Council voted to adopt the City's Fiscal Year 2022 budget without introducing any amendments. Our budgets reflect our values, and we're paying close attention to how the city's spending is prioritizing - or not - sewage infrastructure, especially protecting people


Testimony on Baltimore City Taxpayer's Night

On Wednesday, April 21, the Baltimore City Board of Estimates held Taxpayer's Night, an annual opportunity for Baltimore City residents to comment on the proposed next year's budget. Several organizations, including Organizing Black and Communities United, recruited dozens of people to speak against


How local governments help with sewage backups

Last year, over 5,000 basement backups were reported to 311 in Baltimore City. The number of basement backups has increased over the years with such a large number of people having to deal with the issue. Baltimore City’s Emergency Response Plan does not require the city to clean up after a basement


Speaking out on sewage

Baltimore's sewage system is in trouble. Sanitary sewage outfalls allow untreated sewage to spill into our streams during rainstorms. Overflowing pipes spill water into our streets, and even our basements. And major capital improvements are needed at our wastewater treatment facilities and


6 Million Gallons of Sewage in Baltimore's Waterways

When Baltimore City’s sewer system was first installed in 1909, it was considered cutting edge technology. Now, after over a century of neglect, it is undersized and outdated, and has led to raw sewage flowing into the city’s waterways and flooding residents’ basements. After the powerful storm that