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The Monocacy River deserves a better Monocacy Plan

For the past two years, Frederick and Carroll Counties have been debating the Monocacy Plan: an advisory document meant to guide both counties on improving the health of their shared Monocacy River. But between 2017 and 2018, drastic changes were made to the Plan that gutted its value for protecting


The Muddy Monocacy?

In Frederick County, MD, there are several competing theories about the source of the name of the Monocacy River. One is that it meant “muddy waters” in the language of the Native Americans who lived there. That certainly makes sense when you look at it – in living memory, the Monocacy has been a


Speaking out for the Monocacy

Yesterday was the latest in many public hearings about the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan. Developed by a volunteer board of Frederick County and Carroll County Residents, the Plan is meant to outline the many water quality, land use, and wildlife habitat challenges facing the Monocacy River