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Ending Minnesota's Plastic Bag Ban Preemption: A Case For Local Control

We know plastic bags are bad. We know they take forever and a year to break down. We know they leach toxic chemicals into our soil and water as they sit in landfills. And we know that if we want to vote to enact a plastic bag ban in our municipality, we should be allowed to do so. That is how democracy works.

Minnesota PFAS Prevention Community Town Hall: St Cloud

January 20, 2024 | St Cloud, MN
Learn about what PFAS is and the health impacts linked to exposure, the threat it poses in biosolids/sludge when applied to agricultural land, and what the future for PFAS in agriculture looks like.

PFAS Victory in Minnesota - Thanks To Your Support!

We fought off attacks from high paid lobbyists, who flew in from around the country, to represent industry’s interests at the sake of our water and our health. They argued that corporate profits should be put above Minnesotans and we refused to let that message win. And it didn't. WE won, passing the nation's strongest PFAS legislation, and several other critical policies to protect the state we love.

Cumulative Impacts Win for MN & Next Steps for Environmental Justice

With the 2023 legislative session ending, Minnesota joins New Jersey and New York in passing cumulative impacts legislation. This bill is the culmination of years of work, community advocacy and organizing, research, and building power at the legislature to protect our overburdened communities - and the movement for environmental justice is growing.

Testimony on HF24, Full Replacement of Lead Service Lines in Minnesota

House File 24 is Minnesota’s opportunity to rid our communities of lead service lines once and for all. With unprecedented federal funding, the support of labor unions, the opportunity to create good jobs with a prevailing wage, and the ability to protect Minnesotans from lead, now is the time to take swift and decisive action.