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Minnesota Deputy Director

Kyle started working for Clean Water Action in 2013, after graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College with a bachelor's degree in political science. He wrote his thesis on renewable energy policy development and implementation, and Clean Water Action was conveniently working to strengthen the renewable energy standard in Minnesota at that time, making a perfect fit for Kyle and the organization

Kyle grew up in Apple Valley, MN and was fortunate to never have to really consider whether the water I drank was clean; whether the land our house was built on was polluted; whether wealthy interests were exploiting our neighborhoods for profit. As he grew from a child to a teenager, his dad began to introduce him to the ethical and environmental crises from our backyards to across the world. Kyle learned that change needed to happen immediately, that there is an ethical imperative to act to protect the world we live in. During that same time, his mom began to reinforce the good in the world to him, and while never shying away from the darker and dirtier aspects of our communities, teaching him there is a moral imperative to remain compassionate to those around us.

Kyle was the Minnesota Field Canvass Director for five years before transitioning to the Deputy Director position in 2023.


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