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2024 Groundwater Awareness Week: Celebrating Our Great Hidden Resource

Groundwater is a huge part of California's climate adaptation plan, as hotter and more extreme weather will make our surface water supplies less reliable. Over the past two decades, a period that experts now consider a mega-drought, groundwater users pumped record amounts of groundwater, resulting in thousands of dry wells and severe land subsidence in areas of the state.

Study Shows Vulnerable CA Communities Left Behind in Groundwater Sustainability Planning

For the past three years, Clean Water Action has played a leading role in assessing how groundwater sustainability plans submitted to the state of California are considering and protecting vulnerable communities dependent on groundwater as their source of drinking water. Key findings show that 63% of domestic users across the state are not protected by current sustainability plans.

2023 Groundwater Awareness Week in California

Because of our leadership in protecting groundwater, Clean Water Action was invited to join the Department of Water Resources in Sacramento on Monday to kick off Groundwater Awareness Week. Our Water Policy Analyst, Ngodoo Atume presented on the importance of engaging and protecting vulnerable communities that depend on groundwater.