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Good News out of Annapolis

This week has been a big week for many Clean Water priorities.

We will start with the disappointing news. On Monday, HB275/SB270 to ban chlorpyrifos failed to move forward in the Senate. The House of Delegates passed the bill, but the Senate would not move it out of committee. Read the coalition's


Keep Those Antibiotics Effective, Maryland!

In 2017, after years of work in coalition and thousands of grassroots comments from Marylanders like you, Maryland became the second state in the nation to pass a law limiting the use of antibiotics being fed to healthy animals.

This was a critical step in safeguarding medically-important


Keeping Antibiotics Effective - An Update and Call to Action

Last year, we worked with the Keep Antibiotics Working Coalition to mobilize to phase out the practice of feeding healthy animals antibiotics. In the United States, approximately 70% of antibiotics human use are sold for use on animals. These drugs are often fed to animals that aren't sick in order


One month left! Are your legislators supporting clean water?

This has been an action-packed month and a half in Annapolis. Crossover is now looming, when all bills have to clear one of the sides of our General Assembly and move over to the other body. Here is the status of our legislative priorities:

A Septic Solution (SB266/HB281): Nitrogen from human waste


Keep Antibiotics Effective!

The antibiotics that we rely on are becoming ineffective. Animals are prescribed routine, low-doses of antibiotics to prevent infection, creating the perfect breeding ground for antibiotic resistant bacteria. The World Health Organization, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Center for Disease