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Putting Drinking Water First

“Putting Drinking Water First” means stopping threats to drinking water where they start. Clean Water Action is working to win strong water pollution controls  by focusing on public health and drinking water impacts and bringing public health and environmental advocacy into Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) implementation.

Cleaning Up Coal Ash and Power Plant Pollution

For decades the power plant industry enjoyed a free pass to dump unlimited amounts of dangerous chemicals directly into our surface water, including sources of water used for drinking. Clean Water Action is fighting to protect communities from toxic power plant water pollution.

Civic Engagement and Democracy

Clean Water Action harnesses the grassroots power of our membership by endorsing in elections from the local to national level to elect progressive environmental champions who will work to protect clean water and fight climate change.

Fracking Threatens Drinking Water

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is completing a study on hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, and its potential impact on drinking water. The study looks at how the fracking water lifecycle can impact drinking water sources. The conclusions in the draft report were simple: fracking absolutely threatens drinking water.

Exposing Aquifer Exemptions

We are working to ensure that aquifers that could be used for drinking water are not sacrificed to the fossil fuel industry. Aquifer exemptions prioritize the fossil fuel industry over drinking water by writing off groundwater forever.